Small Business Consulting

We assist small businesses with choice of entity, formation, contracts, employee relations, and any business law issues that may arise.  In addition, we work with owners and principals to ensure they have the most tax-advantaged relationship with their closely-held businesses.  And, we take advantage of our tax and estate planning expertise to help them develop and execute succession plans or exit strategies.

Investment Real Estate Consulting

We specialize in the full representation of Maine income property investors, from investment planning to asset acquisition and management to specialized estate and tax planning.  Working with you and your financial advisors, we can help you determine what type and sort of investment property will assist you in meeting your short- and long-term financial goals.  Then, we can help you find and acquire such property, representing YOUR interests every step of the way.  And we can help you manage your properties - leases, construction contracts, evictions, debt collection, and any litigation issues that might result from your property ownership.  And, if you're ready to move on from a particular property, we can help you by making the transaction as easy as possible while minimizing your tax cost.

Estate Planning

Having an estate plan is critical for the surprising majority of people.  If you have a small business, or children, or substantial assets, it's critically necessary for you to plan ahead to control or influence what will happen to them if you die or become incapacitated.  We work with you, using extensive questionnaires and interviewing, to determine the best options for managing your affairs.  We take cost and complexity into account to craft solutions that range from a Power of Attorney, Health Care Directive (Living Will), and a simple will, to Trust design and administration.

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